Bobcat Mattress Real Estate Furnishing

Here at Bobcat Mattress one unique service we provide is real estate furnishing. As an Ashley Furniture dealer, all staging projects feature Ashley products. Choose from the Ashley Furniture that we have in stock or purchase the Ashley Furniture that best suits your listing for a packaged deal under our V.I.P. pricing. Our FREE consultation includes an appointment with a Bobcat Mattress team member, an analysis of your listing, and a quote regarding the best furniture that will fit your listing.

Please email us at for more information.

Below is our current staging policy effective March 2018. Feel free to call for more information on staging at 406-580-1914 or visit us in store.

The Gold Series includes top of the line furniture and affordable pricing. Each of the three options comes with the following:

• Sofa  • loveseat  • 2 accent chairs  • end table  • coffee table  • 2 barstools  • 6 piece table set  • queen bed and mattress  • nightstand.

The Gold series has everything one would need to fully furnish a new home that’s ready to sell. This is a wonderful series for a higher end home.  The Gold options are bound to get your home sold fast. If you desire extra pieces, please email and let us know what interests you.





The Silver Series combines a complete home package and styling while sticking to an allowance. The Silver Series includes the following: 

• Queen bed and mattress  • 6 piece table set  • coffee table  • 2 barstools  • sofa  • loveseat

The Silver series has everything you need to fully furnish a property. Stylish design, functionality, and convenience separate the Silver series from the Bronze. If you desire extra pieces, please email and let us know what interests you.


Our Bronze Series staging is the simplest of the staging packages. While simple it still supplies the essentials to staging a home with beautiful furnishings. Each of our Bronze Series selections comes with the following: 

• 6 piece table set • sofa • queen bed and mattress • nightstand

These are perfect additions to a home willing to sell, while you stay in a lower budget allowance.




 The “Last Minute”

Tight on time and need furniture fast? This is the package for you. The Last Minute Series is exactly as it sounds. If you need to stage a home and do it fast, look no further. We will personally select from our current inventory of furniture to put together a coherent staging selection just for you. This Series is a need to use type of service whereas we will only resort to this in tight situations. This series comes with whatever the home needs in order to accurately portray the homes look and feel.



Listed above are just a few selections that we can provide for swapping out or adding on to an existing series that just needs a little bit extra! Please feel free to email or call for more add-on options.



We do ask that you allow us to advertise minimally with price tags on the furniture with our logo and information sheets about Bobcat Mattress and our staging services. We will also put a small sign in the lawn. For more information and general inquiries  regarding furniture staging please call us at 406-580-1914 or email at

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Vacation Rental


Bobcat Mattress is your expert on vacation rentals providing everything from mattresses and bedding to furniture. We work one-on-one with many vacation rental owners throughout the Big Sky country. We have all the necessary products and experience to ensure that your tenants get a restful night’s sleep and an enjoyable stay. Contact us or see us in store for bundled vacation rental pricing. 

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Reception Furnishing

Here at Bobcat Mattress, one of the unique services we offer is reception office design and furnishing. We want to give your customers a relaxing and comfortable experience from the time they walk in your doors. We know you’re busy, so why not let us take care of the design and furnishing for you.

What We Do:

• Free Consultation  • Free Delivery and Install  • Free Removal of Old Furniture  • Fast Installation  • Fast Estimates


• Sofas  • Accent Chairs  • End Tables  • Coffee Tables  • Sofa tables  • Lighting  • Wall Art, Accessories, and More