At Bobcat Mattress it is our privilege to provide our customers with unbeatable everyday prices and quality. We have a bed for every budget and are backed with the best service, and warranties on the market. Our passion at Bobcat Mattress is to provide you with an amazing mattress that will not only make a difference when you sleep, but make a difference that you can feel all day long. At Bobcat Mattress we are proud to be able to offer everything from natural organic latex mattresses, memory foam, gel mattresses, luxury pocketed coils to all other types of mattress technologies. We offer four different mattress series to ensure that your shopping experience is swift and enjoyable. We have a series of mattresses to match your exact needs and budget.

Our platinum series consists of our top of the line mattress models. Each one of these mattresses is matched with a 25-year warranty. Mattress styles in this series include Natural Organic and E-Gel mattresses. Natural Organic mattresses consist of organic latex and cotton cultivated without the use of pesticides and manufactured using a chemical-free process. The E-Gel series consists of innovative memory foam, featuring CoolBlue Sleep TechnologyTm. This technology lowers body temperature and allows for better blood flow, promoting health and wellness.

Our Gold series consists of our second highest level mattresses. This mattress series mostly consists of natural latexes and hybrids with memory foam and luxury pocketed coils. Styles in this series include Tension Ease with natural latex, E-Hotel, high performance memory foam and natural latex hybrids. Our E-Hotel series consist of the latest innerspring coil technology. These fabric-encased coils contour and adjust to each sleeper’s shape and weight, relieving pressure points for maximizing comfort, support, and providing a more natural sleep. Our Hybrid mattresses feature natural latex with luxury coils, topped with a high performance gel memory foam.

Our Silver series consists of our middle of the road mattresses. Styles include Tension Ease mattresses with luxury pocketed coils, adaptive gel cooling memory foam and performance memory foam. Tension Ease mattresses are designed to allow you to sleep better with a more natural, stress-free experience.

Our Bronze Series consists of our “Bang for your buck” mattresses. Naturally, these mattresses are the most affordable, yet still offer 10 – 15 year warranties. Styles include mattresses with tub encasement, continuous coils, bonnel coils, and foam comfort layers. We are proud to provide the bronze series to our customers because we strive to offer every customer at every budget a comfortable and affordable mattress.

No means to transport your new mattress? No problem, Bobcat Mattress offers free delivery and setup to Bozeman and Belgrade within reasonable distance (determined in store). Haul-away fees may apply. We also deliver to Big Sky, West Yellowstone, Park County and more (fees vary, determined in store). Not in deliverable distance? No problem we also ship anywhere. No worries, no stress, no problems at Bobcat Mattress.