Our Story

The spring of 2008 in beautiful Bozeman, MT is where it all began. Bobcat Mattress was born on a napkin and two beds sold out of a back of a truck at a local gas station. Why a napkin? The owner coming from an art background was doodling up the new logo for him and his brothers new business while in psychology class at Montana State. They had found a manufacturing facility that they still use to this day to sell them a few beds and the rest is history. Bobcat Mattress was born on the need to provide college students the best sleep possible for a price they could afford. Their vision went well beyond college students but since they were students, they understood the need for sleep. To the owners to this day there is no compromise when it comes to quality of product. Add the best service and customer relations the industry has ever seen and you have a home run. They grew from two bed options to six, then twelve and on and on. Today they provide one of the largest selections of bedding, mattrees and furniture products anywhere while never compromising on quality and service. Of course price is an important factor and it goes without saying that Bobcat Mattress has your back on price and can’t be beat. There is something for everyone at Bobcat Mattress and always someone that has your best interest in mind. Your Big Sky Dreams Begin Here at Bobcat Mattress.